‘Wakanda Forever’ Director Teases More M’Baku in ‘Black Panther’ Sequel

winston duke mbaku

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is more of an ensemble film than the first was, especially with the tragic loss of Chadwick Boseman. As the film centers on paying tribute to the man’s legacy in many ways, the film takes a different approach and will see the impact on the various characters that we’ve met in the first Black Panther film, while also introducing the world to Talokan, the MCU’s interpretation of Atlantis.

Still, a lot of the promotional material only teased what we can expect from the story and how the various characters work through their own grief. In the official press conference for Wakanda Forever, director Ryan Coogler highlighted that Winston Duke‘s iconic M’Baku will likely have twice as much screentime as he did in the first film.

You know, and I will say that, you know, Winston’s not here, but M’Baku was in this movie more than he was in the first Black Panther. I think probably, like, a two-to-one ratio. You know, he probably has twice as many scenes as he had in the first one. And so he’s there, you know.

Ryan Coogler

M’Baku was a standout in the first film and even made a return in the Avengers film with Duke reprising the role. While he wasn’t close to T’Challa, he did have an important arc with him in the first film, which did open up the possibility to further explore his arc in this film. We saw in the crossover films that they’ve developed a close bond, especially showcasing how far they’ve grown since the power struggle for the throne in the first Black Panther film. So, it’ll be interesting to explore that dynamic that we may have not gotten a chance to see on the silver screen.

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