‘Black Widow’s May Have Tripled Its Potential Box Office Through the Delay

black widow

Godzilla vs. Kong may have finally achieved what seemed impossible a few months ago. It garnered more than $300M worldwide in the first two weeks, which seemed to imply the potential of releasing films in theaters and on streaming services simultaneously instead of delaying. Yet, it looks like an early analysis has pointed to Marvel Studios’ choice to delay Black Widow into July may have been a blessing in disguise.

According to The Numbers, their predictions have moved the film’s Box Office from $45M up to $135M. As Observer points out, it is a far cry from its original 300M+ opening during non-pandemic times, but it might become the largest opening since cinemas closed last year. Currently, 55% of cinemas are only opening with reduced seating. It is uncertain how much that will change by then. Plus, it is mostly focusing on its domestic debut, which also opens up the question of how it’ll expand internationally.

The interesting aspect is that this potential uptick in Box Office numbers would also take into account that the film will be available through Disney+ Premier Access. This development may also be a clear sign that Shang-Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings will be a theatre-only release once it premieres in September. It explains why there was no mention of it during the announcement. We have to keep in mind that anything can happen until it releases, but it is a positive development and is a sign that the delays are slowly coming to an end. Other tentpole releases for 2021 are also seeing better predictions for now. So, let’s be hopeful that we are entering a new age once more.

Source: The Numbers via Observer

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