New Leak Reveals ‘Five Night’s At Freddy’s Next Funko Pops to Include Mobile AR Characters

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Five Night’s at Freddy‘s has grown quite a bit as a franchise. What started with some PC-only releases has expanded to other consoles, VR’s Help Wanted spinoff, an upcoming PS5-exclusive sequel, and even an augmented reality mobile game. The latter has introduced quite a few crazy additions to the franchise and it looks like you’ll soon be able to collect your favorite ones. Instagram user mariobros612, who also leaked the What If…? Funko Pops, offered a new update for some new FNAF collectibles.

In his latest list, he shares that the seventh series of Funkos will include varuizs fugzres tgat glow-in-the-dark, as they are inspired by the mobile AR game titled Five Night’s at Freddy’s AR: Special Delivery. The list includes VR Toy Freddy, System Error Toy Bonnie, High Score Toy Chica, Radioactive Foxy, and Toxic Springtrap. The only non-glowing inclusion is the Irish inspired Shamrock Freddy.

The characters introduced in Special Delivery are some of the most creative designs introduced in the franchise. This list also confirms that the upcoming PS5-exclusive Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach will not get its own Funko’s anytime soon. The game still has no release date, as it was originally going to release late 2021. As it’s already October, the game might either have gotten delayed or we might get an announcement earlier rather than later.

It’s not been an easy time for the popular Chucky Cheese-inspired franchise, as the film has also recently lost its director Chris Columbus due to creative differences on the script. Even after creator Scott Cawthon worte up ten different drafts, he still hasn’t signed off on a project for Blumhouse Productions to bring it to life. Ever since the controversy surrounding the creator’s political stance made its way online, the franchise has taken a hit and news became quite sparse.

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