Cartoon Network Greenlights ‘BATMAN’ Damian Wayne Holiday Special

Animation has always been a strong suit for DC and Warner Brothers, with so many classics under their belt, film and TV alike, such as Batman the Animated Series, Justice League, and Justice League The New Frontier. However, one thing that has yet to be explored in these animated projects is a one-off holiday special, unless you can consider Batman: The Long Halloween a holiday special.

Cartoon Network has given the green light to a new DC Holiday special titled Merry Little Batman, a film that’ll follow a six-year-old Damian Wayne who has found himself all alone in Wayne Manor. The film will take a bit of a Home Alone-style approach with Damian suiting up as “Little Batman” in order to defend his Home and Gotham City from the supervillains who’ve run rampant around the big city intent on destroying Christmas.

Knowing Damian Wayne and the way he was raised, he seems like quite the force to be reckoned with in a Kevin Mccallister-type role. The animated feature has to announce any casting or set a release date. Warner Bros. Animation will serve as a producer on the project alongside Mike Roth, who will direct and as well as executive produce on the project. The feature screenplay was written by Morgan Smith.

SOURCE: Variety

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