EXCLUSIVE: ‘Moon Knight’ Almost Had All the Avatars Turn Into Superheroes

One of the most exciting possibilities Moon Knight posited early in its season was the idea of gods having their own avatars or superheroes to represent them with Moon Knight being the most predominant one. Episode 3 unveiled the Ennead, the pantheon of Egyptian gods, and their mortal avatars. This came somewhat into fruition during the show’s finale when Layla became the avatar of Taweret and turned into the superhero Scarlet Scarab.

Murphy’s Multiverse got to speak with executive producer Grant Curtis, who revealed their early ideas of possibly turning the avatars into costumed heroes just like Moon Knight and the Scarlet Scarab.

When we were in the writer’s room looking at the whiteboard and trying to figure out who would suit up and who wouldn’t, that was brought up. It was definitely a possibility at a point. But as we looked at the overall journey and narrative, it became something that we didn’t need to best tell Marc and Steven’s story.

Grant Curtis

As solid as the Marc-Steven narrative was, it would’ve been exciting to see any of the other avatars get costumes. Ethan Hawke wearing Ammit-inspired armor sounds too good to ignore. What would Osiris’ avatar even look like, to begin with? The mere idea of having that many mystical superheroes in that part of the world is already so exciting. Maybe future stories set in this corner can follow through on this scrapped plan.

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