D23: ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Almost Featured Groot on Fire

thor love and thunder groot

No, you read that correctly but a new piece of Thor: Love and Thunder concept art reveals that at some point in development, Groot may have been in flames. As shared by our own Charles Murphy attending the event, it seems like they were showcasing some artwork from the Thor sequel during his time with the Guardians. It features the Asgardian with his beard and likely took place earlier in the flashback of his time with the Guardians but it’s certainly something seeing Groot in flames like that.

It’s always fun to get a look behind the scenes at what may have been, especially in a film that was as unhinged as Love and Thunder. In many ways, they definitely could’ve gone in any direction with the iconic Guardians of the Galaxy. Of course, having one of its most popular members just catch fire and not give it more focus might’ve been a waste especially with Groot being made of wood, Rocket wouldn’t just stand by as his son burns to a crisp.

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