‘Turning Red’ Director and Producer Share Hopes for a Sequel

turning red sequel

Director Domee Shi brought a heartwarming story about puberty and family to Disney+ with Turning Red. We get to meet a colorful cast of characters, who introduce us to the magical land of Canada. Jokes aside, our time with Meilin and her friends offers quite a few cute and awkward moments that any teenager goes through. Even though it just arrive don Disney+, there’s quite some interest in a sequel that further explores Mei’s time as a giant red panda and seeing her get to spend more time with her friends. Luckily, Shi has revealed that the ending was meant to keep the door open for more..

We are open, but we haven’t talked about it. But yeah, it’s an invitation at the end for more stories.

Domee Shi

Producer Lindsey Collins also highlights that they hope the audience connects with the film’s cast and that it keeps people wanting a chance to spend more time with them.

Hopefully, at the end of a movie, you’ve fallen so in love with the characters that you have a hard time letting them go. I mean, as the filmmakers, not even as the audience, I feel that way. I love these characters. I never got tired of them. I was always like, ‘I’d go hang out with those characters again.’ I want to see what they’re up to. So, yeah. Who knows?”

Lindsey Collins

While there are no definite plans, it does seem like the team behind the project is definitely all in for a sequel. With Disney’s new streaming home, they aren’t restricted to just a film and could also explore a TV series. They have also been quite vocal about other animated projects being franchises that will continue to grow, and Turning Red is a perfect addition to their ever-growing library moving forward. So, here’s hoping.

Source: Comic Book

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