‘One Piece’s Iñaki Godoy Shares What it Means to Play Luffy

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Netflix is taking a deep dive into live-action adaptations of popular anime and manga franchises. While Cowboy Bebop sadly got canceled after only one season, all eyes are on the One Piece series to hopefully manage what the previous project couldn’t. Young actor Iñaki Godoy will take on the daunting task of bringing Monkey D. Luffy to life in the upcoming series and shares his excitement about taking on the role in an interview with Vanity Teen.

To portray a character like Luffy is one of the greatest honors of my career and I know that this experience will stay with me forever regardless of the outcome.

Iñaki Godoy

The actor is aware of the fact that taking on this role is nothing to take lightly, as he talks about his hopes that the fans enjoy the series they are putting together.

I hope fans will enjoy the live-action just asmuch as I’m enjoying working on it. This show is making me grow as both an actor and person. I’m nervous, but I’m way more excited.

Iñaki Godoy

The creative team behind the project has been sharing their love for the franchise and adding a lot of hope for fans of Eiichiro Oda‘s manga series that they’ll faithfully recreate the series in live-action. We’re slowly seeing more from the set and while we’re still far away from the release, it does build up some anticipation. What helps is seeing the dedication of the cast that are all-in for this new franchise.

Source: Vanity Teen

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