Michael Giacchino Confirmed to Direct Marvel Studios’ First Halloween Disney+ Special

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It’s been quite some time since we first heard about Marvel Studios working on a Disney+ Halloween special. the idea is exciting, as there are a lot of characters to choose from with rumors going crazy that it’ll be focused on Werewolf by Night. A recent interview on The Batman‘s score even added more hints that composer Michael Giacchino was taking on directing duties. for an unnamed Marvel Studios project Now, we finally have the official confirmation that he is indeed tackling the Halloween special.

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed his involvement with the project, which is eyeing a production start at some point this month in Atlanta. Laura Donnelly and Gael Garcia Bernal are involved with the project; castings we’ve heard about for some time now. The article does add that Bernal is very likely taking on the role of a werewolf in the project. They also mention that music played a key part in the recent revamp that helped the character control his abilities. Perhaps that was also an inspiration to have the composer tackle the project.

The project still remains untitled and hasn’t been officially announced what it’s about. It’s interesting they are introducing a character initially introduced in Moon Knight #32, but it doesn’t seem like there will be a connection with his upcoming series. Though we still have some time until it releases and perhaps we’ll get a post-credit announcement for the spinoff with Moon Knight facing off against the unlikely foe in the special.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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