AAA ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’ Game in Development Based on ‘The Last Ronin’

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It looks like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles‘ recent graphic novel titled The Last Ronin will become a video game. According to Polygon, it seems that the 2020 story is set in a futuristic city after the lone surviving member of the turtles takes on one last fight. The story was quite famous for using the iconic IP in an unexpected and darker way. Now, it seems that Paramount is currently busy bringing this to everyone’s consoles.

According to Senior Vice President of Games and Emerging Media (these titles are starting to get quite lengthy) for Paramount Global, Doug Rosen, revealed they are going to take inspiration from God of War in adapting this iconic storyline. We just recently got a callback to classic Arcade games with Shredder’s Revenge, but the Turtles never got a true AAA game that focused on a single-player experience.

It’s unclear if they will stick to the mystery from the original story, as it was built up for dramatic effect. One last Turtle holding the weapons of his beloved brothers made for quite a dark tale and is perfect for the God of War-like treatment. Each weapon owned by a brother open s up possibilities for exploring areas in new ways. They may already let you know who is the survivor and have you gather your brother’s weapons throughout the game, instead of just handing them out once you start the game.

The idea is also fitting given that a big challenge for any Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles adaptation is the focus on multiple turtles with unique gameplay styles. Every turtle has a unique weapon and it’s challenging to create a single-player experience that can balance each one. Marvel’s Avengers attempted something similar with each Avenger but they all shared the same base controller settings. Still, it sounds like an exciting direction for a true AAA Turtles game and here’s hoping they are already further along in production.

Source: Polygon

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