‘Dune’ Co-Writer Investigating “Other Cinematic Prospects” for the Franchise’s Future

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All eyes are currently on the second entry of Denis Villeneuve‘s Dune, as casting is finally underway to hit its 2023 release date. Yet, it seems WarnerMedia has some grand plans moving forward as Dune: Part Two co-writer Jon Spaihts has revealed that they are looking into expanding the galactic storyline with various spinoffs.

So far, only one titled Dune: The Sisterhood is in development for HBO Max. Ironically, he was spearheading the project until he had to leave to focus on the sequel while Diane Ademu-John took over showrunning responsibilities. In an interview, he offered some details on the franchise’s future.

“[The television show] is carrying on and I’m not allowed to talk about it very much. But that effort is alive and well. I ended up getting moved off of it to work, not just on ‘Dune: Part 2,’ but to investigate other cinematic prospects in the ‘Dune’ universe, which we are still talking about and which, again, I’m not allowed to say very much about. But it is a very rich world in which to play, and I think it is ripe with opportunities for storytelling in every direction

Jon Spaihts

While most of the first film takes place on Arrakis, we do get a glimpse at a wider universe. Of course, the titular Dune is the main focus of the story and there are a variety of stories to tell in the past, present, and future of its timeline. It would seem natural that they’d explore the Children of Dune and God Emperor of Dune after they wrapped up with Dune: Messiah.

Especially the latter could offer a curious glimpse into a very different future that has some horror science fiction elements. Yet, it’s uncertain if they might turn these into spinoffs that are a bit more independent from a cinematic experience. For now, we can only theorize but there is enough here to explore a lot of different stories.

Source: Playlist via Variety

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