DC Studios CEO Confirms Blue Beetle as First Character of the New DCU

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The DC Cinematic Universe is about to be reborn and it’s going to be quite a messy transition. James Gunn is taking on a rather challenging movie franchise, as he’s set to not only end what Zack Snyder started but also start his own take on the iconic comic universe. The only challenge is that he still carries over some of the old projects.

So, the question remains what exactly will be the new beginning for this franchise? While taking part in the Inside of You podcast with Michael Rosenbaum, he revealed that while Superman Legacy will be the first true DCU film, Blue Beetle is the first DCU character; hinting at Jamie Reyes’ future in the franchise.

I mean the first DCU character, for sure, is Blue Beetle, and the first full DCU movie is Superman.

James Gunn

It’s definitely interesting and leaves a lot of room for interpretation. As perhaps Reyes ends up being transported into the DCU as part of The Flash’s consequences across the multiverse. Of course, it could also be something we’re not even considering as there’s always something that is adapted shortly before the release.

You can watch the full interview with James Gunn here:

Source: The Wrap via YouTube

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