‘Persona’ Producer Shares Why They Decided to Remake ‘Persona 3’

persona 3 remake

Persona 3 Reload sadly leaked a bit earlier than Atlus may have planned, but it’s definitely something many have been hoping to see for quite some time. The visuals are already teasing a promising return to the iconic franchise but many still are wondering why they decided to go with Persona 3. Well, the reasoning is quite simple actually: they see it as the turning point of the franchise that many have fallen in love with.

We believe Persona 3 was the game that marked the actual turning point in the Persona franchise, it’s a very important title for Atlus as well for the development team who were involved in the original version of the game.

Ryota Niitsuma

A strong focus was on pushing people to learn more about the Persona series beyond just the rising popularity of the fifth entry. It seems though that they started working on the project around 2019. It’s crazy to think that they started production on the game just shortly before the pandemic hit, which makes you wonder if it may have been released earlier if things went as originally planned.

They also highlight that they remade everything from scratch from the original version of the game, but they have quite a few details they will reveal as we close in on the release. They do highlight that they updated the game to the level that players have gotten accustomed to with Persona 5, which does open many possibilities of modern elements making their way into the game.

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