‘One Piece’ Live-Action Cast Unite Ahead of Netflix’s TUDUM Event

one piece cast

This weekend will mark the first time we might finally see the live-action One Piece series. There have been theories on what we might see outside of potentially some new posters to an actual trailer. While the manga’s creator, Eiichiro Oda, highlighted that they won’t go live without his say-so, it’s still set for a 2023 release. So, this weekend would be the perfect time to reveal a release date.

While we still wait it out for a few more days, it seems that the One Piece crew has come together ahead of the event, as Mackenyu Arata, who plays Zoro in the series, shared a new image. Funny enough, this is likely the first time we’ve seen the entire cast together in one image as there was a running gag of no one knowing where Mackenyu is during production.

Alongside the enthusiastic team behind-the-scenes, the cast is one major reason to be quite hopeful that this series might be among the great adaptations. They have been quite enthusiastic and even the first video of them interacting for the show has shown that they are quite fitting for their individual roles. Here’s hoping the wait to see them interact isn’t too far away now.

Source: Instagram

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