‘Thor: Love and Thunder’s Set Tour Reveals a Clever Infinity Gauntlet Easter Egg

thor love and thunder easter egg

We’re just a day away from Thor: Love and Thunder finally hitting theaters. There’s still a lot we don’t know about the upcoming film but with reviews at a strong 72% on Rotten Tomatoes, it does seem like we’re in for a fun ride once again from the crazy mind that is Taika Waititi. In a new fun set visit from Entertainment Tonight featuring Chris Hemsworth and Waititi showing off the set that is the backdrop of New Asgard. In it, he reveals a fun Thanos Easter egg

In the background, we can see an ice cream store in New Asgard titled “Infinity Conez” with the Infinity Gauntlet sticking out of the building. If you look closely in the video, we can even see that the Infinity Stones are stuck in the ice cream cone it is holding. While it’s surprising anyone would try to market their store based on the one thing that destroyed half of all life in the universe, but it’s a fun idea nonetheless.

There are also a lot of fun details included such as the logo for Infinity being designed after the Avengers movie logo. Who knows what else might be included in New Asgard, as the city became quite the tourist attraction. Who wouldn’t want to visit the location where the God of Thunder lived, one of the men that would save the planet from a threat unlike any other. Perhaps they have a place to chop off Thanos’s head with a fake Stormbreaker for kids to have something to do while visiting.

Source: Entertainment Tonight

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