‘Ms. Marvel’ Actress Shares What It’s Like Retelling South Asian History

ms marvel history

The latest episode of Ms. Marvel has arrived and gave us something that mixes a personal story with one of an important part of history. We take a look back into the past that was the Partition, an important milestone in South Asian history that isn’t something many people have come to learn. In this episode, we meet Kamala Khan’s great-grandmother Aisha, who is played by Mehwish Hayat. In an interview with Total Film, she offered some insight into what it was like being part of the MCU.

The experience itself was magical for me being Aisha and being, as a Pakistani actress, launched on such a global platform. It’s Marvel, it doesn’t get any better than that

Mehwish Hayat

Of course, the big part of the story is the exploration of the Partition, which was a big moment in history for South Asians. So, being able to tell that story on a platform as large as Disney+ definitely puts more eyes on the events.

It’s a very important part in the history of South Asians. All of us know about it, and our ancestors have actually gone through the pain, the trouble, and struggle with all that went down. It is a very sentimental episode in our lives and our history. It will be amazing for South Asian people of the younger generation to get a glimpse of that. And also for the Western audiences who didn’t have any idea about this happening in the world, they’re being introduced to this time in our history.

Mehwish Hayat

The big part Hayat adds is how it’ll let others understand “the pain that we went through” and how it’s a historical event that unites people. Hayat praises Marvel for embracing the storyline and not shying away from exploring it.

It will allow them to actually understand the pain that we went through,” she adds. “It just brings people together and I think it creates that bridge between them to understand on a human level that, ‘Oh my god, this is how much they suffered.’ It’s such a beautiful way that Marvel has actually been brave enough, or experimental enough, to incorporate that.

Mehwish Hayat

It definitely was interesting to witness it and it does make you wish they got to spend more time with it. We got a memorable performance from everyone involved, and just seeing history brought to life like this will mean something important for those that passively lived through it through their ancestors.

Source: Total Film

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