‘Guardians of the Galaxy ‘ Director Confirms New Awesome Mix for Holiday Special

guardians holiday special

The Guardians of the Galaxy franchise just wouldn’t be the same without its iconic music. Director James Gunn added a lot of energy to the franchise with his work and made some songs deeply tied to the space-traveling pirates that end up saving the world at random times here or there. With not only a third entry on the horizon but also a Holiday Special, many wondered if both projects may end up getting their own music.

Luckily, James Gunn confirmed that a new Awesome Mix is heading our way with the upcoming Disney+ Holiday Special. There are no details on what songs he might include but given the topic, we might get some fun Christmas and Holiday songs were thrown into the mix that might add something special. Here’s hoping there are even some surprises thrown into the mix that will catch us off-guard.

There’s likely a chance we’ll get a glimpse of the music once the first trailer drops. As it’s definitely heading for a Holiday release later this year, we might not see the official trailer until October given they usually release the first trailer for a Disney+ project around two months in advance. Of course, it’s just a theory but it definitely will be interesting to see how the music for these projects may also differentiate between the Holiday Special and the third entry that’ll follow in 2023.

Source: Twitter

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