‘Spider-Man’ Spinoff Starring Bad Bunny’s Seemingly Still Happening

spider man spinoff

You might remember some time ago that the studio behind Morbius announced that they are adapting another iconic Marvel character for the silver screen. While many might have gone through a slew of Spider-Man characters, no one very likely didn’t think it would end up being El Muerto. The character had only a tiny role in the comics and seemed like the last character anyone would expect to get their own film.

Overall, it seems a big push is from singer and actor Bad Bunny, who wants to portray the character in the Sony film. Most expected that the film may lose steam quite a bit and with the WGA strike, they may have just postponed the production indefinitely. Surprisingly though, Collider is reporting that the film may very likely start production in August.

We don’t know if this film might be more of a standalone project and just hint at the wider universe. It would seem rather bizarre to include this character as part of a Sinister Six that was teased during Morbius. We don’t know if Venom might also tie into this universe given that a third film is on the horizon, which may potentially even be a final entry for Tom Hardy’s time with the franchise.

Source: Collider

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