No Good To Us Dead: ‘BOBA FETT’ Series Headed into Production

Last week The Mandalorian brought Boba Fett back from the dead. Now, according to a trade report, Lucasfilm has greenlit a solo mini-series about the newly resurrected bounty hunter which could begin principal filming as soon as next week!

Mark Hamill addresses Boba Fett returning in Mandalorian season 2

Rumors about a possible Boba Fett series date back to early 2019 but Temura Morrison’s appearance at the end of Chapter 9 seemed to cement Lucasfilm’s plans to bring Boba back into the limelight. Much of the future of Star Wars seems tied to Disney Plus with several live-action series already in the works (Cassian Andor and Obi-Wan foremost among them), the Bad Batch animated series and former Disney CEO Bob Iger indicating that the success of The Mandalorian would lead to spinoffs set within that corner of the universe. If Boba Fett is the first among those spinoffs, Lucasfilm is coming out swinging.

The trade report indicated that Lucasfilm has been keeping the development of this series (and possibly others) close to the vest and, for that reason, were unable to confirm a start of production or who might be working on the project; however, should production start up over the next few weeks, we would hope some official news might break.

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