‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Journal: Ideas for Future Raid Missions

It has been a while since I last made a new entry in the ongoing journal for my journey with Marvel’s Avengers. The last time I discussed the importance of taking breaks. Well, I have been playing more infrequent, but I have been hitting an urge to see more of the game. In the State of the Game blog, they talked about the addition of Omega Level-Threats that will add something new to the game’s core concept. We are still highly anticipating the AIM Cloning Labs that will give us our first spoonful of how this concept will evolve. We also had the leak that Wakanda will have a unique raid-event that takes place in the mines against classic Black Panther villain Klaue. So, let us go through some ideas that could be a great way to expand the game.

Helicarrier Under Attack

One of my favorite missions in the Reassemble campaign was the attack on the Helicarrier. We switched between Avengers to keep it from crashing into New York City. It was the only time we get to explore beyond the Outpost area. We also already have assets from the campaign, so they only have to add a few new places to showcase the different rooms that keep this flying fortress afloat. Plus, it can also include various villains with each playthrough. Each time you could be in a unique event that changes depending on what villain is attacking. Taskmaster is more focused on a tactical takedown, so he attacks many vital areas throughout the Helicarrier. So, you need to coordinate with your team, so they don’t hack your systems or destroy the engine room.

It doesn’t always have to be a fight either. The Avengers may be hiding some powerful items in their vault. It opens up the possibility for a character like Ghost to infiltrate the place, which forces you to retrace her steps as she uses the environment to hinder you from catching up. Your main base of operation has a lot to offer, and it could also give you a reason to explore it more in the future. If you know it like the back of your hand, the better you are at keeping everyone safe aboard. It also could tie into my old idea of developing the Helicarrier and its staff. You have to invest some credits to keep it flying, or you are back in its original hiding spot. It also continues the tradition of SHIELD’s Helicarriers always going down in flames.

NYC in Flames

We still don’t know how big of an update Spider-Man will be. The character will be a PlayStation exclusive. As such, he could be without any story elements or unique missions. Still, I would love to see the addition of Green Goblin, as we desperately need some more villains in this game. His glider gives him the ability to fly around the map. So, why not create a raid built around his mobility that keeps the ongoing conflict going. You will need to patrol the streets that are on fire from his attacks and his minions. You’ll have various time-sensitive missions, such as taking out the fires by helping firefighters or bringing civilians to safety. The city is on the collapse, so you will have to be strategic about how you approach each situation. Sometimes you’ll need to work as a group, or you can split up to cover more ground. It’ll require much more teamwork to make sure you can make it within the time limit.

Throughout the map, Goblin would show up and add to the problems. So, you aren’t facing him in one single boss fight but scattered at random times throughout the city. He gets more aggressive the better you perform, so if you are trying to go for a faster time, you will be facing a tough fight to take him down. It wouldn’t be the most complex concept to add to the game, but it could add some heroic moments that some in the community would like to see. This raid will also switch-up the rescue missions of SHIELD agents and Inhumans. 

Attack on Attilan

Speaking of Inhumans, it would make perfect sense for the Royal Family to make their appearance at some point. The Inhuman race was the main focus of the campaign, and Kamala has a fun relationship with giant bulldog Lockjaw. I believe that they should slowly introduce them as a way to help out the Inhuman Resistance to find a home. The Kree will also have a role in the future, so we can start introducing Black Bolt and the rest now as potential allies. Lockjaw actually can serve as the teleporter to bring you to the new Attilan Outpost. There you help them adapt to their new home as part of a brand new mission chain. You could also support the Royal Family by recovering the stolen Terrigen crystals by AIM.

Suddenly, Attilan gets attacked. It turns out, the Kree are already here and started their assault on earth. Now, you have to defend the city and its citizens from the invasion. The Kree have started coming down with their warships, so you will need to take out their mothership to force them to flee for now. The Avengers start fighting their way through the city before highjacking one of their ships. After fighting the crew, you crashland in your objective, where you will end up facing a small army that is led by Ronan the Accuser. It ends up in a massive brawl as you fight your way through waves of enemies while dodging Ronan’s attacks. Can you imagine if that is just the beginning?

Source: Square-Enix

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