‘Stargirl’ Casts Jim Gaffigan as Thunderbolt

Stargirl has been slowly adding to its cast as it prepares for its upcoming second season. They finally found their main villains in Shade and Eclipso. There was also the casting of Ysa Penarejo, who might end up being Alan Scott’s daughter Jade. Slowly, the show has been gathering its new members to join the Justice Society of America, but it looks like one more character will be joining Courtney. Stand-up comedian Jim Gaffigan reportedly will join the cast to voice a fully CG-character known as Thunderbolt. In the comics, he lived inside a pen. It briefly was seen in the show, so many expected his addition sooner rather than later. Entertainment Weekly also shared the following description of the character.

The wishes he grants often cause more trouble than the wish-asker would ever expect. But despite his somewhat constant supernatural disasters, the Thunderbolt’s heart is always in the right place, even if it is wounded by the friends he has lost throughout his long existence.

He is an extremely powerful character in the comics, so it seems they will stick to that very fact. Thunderbolt can fulfill wishes like other genies and is from the land of Bahdnesia. The casting confirms he will make an appearance at some point, but it is uncertain if he will have a larger role in the story. CW may be using the character for a one-off episode, and he will end up back where he came from by the end of it. Still, he could also end up being the Ex Machina for the story, as they are about to face some truly powerful enemies. Gaffigan is a fun addition to the cast, so it would be a waste not to have him around for multiple episodes, but we will see once the show airs its second season on the CW.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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