Ysa Penarejo Seemingly Playing Green Lantern Jade in ‘Stargirl’

The first season for Stargirl was a smash hit on both DC Universe and The CW. The show has now found a permanent home on the CW with its second season. With the shows focus on honoring the legacy of the Justice Society of America, we were bound to be seeing more heroes join the ranks of the team. We would see a new generation take on the mantle of the fallen heroes.

Last week we got the news that Nick Taraby and Jonathan Cake would be joining the cast for the second season as the main antagonist Eclipso and Shade. In addition, there was a tidbit that Ysa Penarejo had joined the cast. Though, who Penarejo would end up playing was a mystery at the time. Early on, there was speculation that she would be playing the role of Jade, the newest recruit to Courtney’s new generation of heroes. This news has seems now to be confirmed due to a recent Instagram story uploaded by Wildcat actress, Yvette Montreal. In the image, we can clearly see Penarejo wearing the Starheart, Alan Scott’s iconic Green Lantern ring.

For those that don’t know, Jade is the daughter of Alan Scott and the supervillain Rose Canton. She is also the twin sister of Todd Rice, who goes by Obsidian. Both were given up for adoption and split up by Rose fearing, that she would harm them. Jade would go on to find her brother, and they would become founding members of the team Infinity Inc. after being rejected by the JSA. Jade and Obsidian both gained their abilities from their father’s prolonged exposure to the Starheart, which gave Jade the ability to conjure green energy and shape it into constructs. Not just that, she also has her mother’s ability to manipulate plants. With Jade seemingly set to join the show, her twin brother Obsidian cannot be too far behind.

SOURCE: Full Circle, Stargirl FB Group

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