RUMOR: David Tennant May Return to ‘Doctor Who’ As The 14th Doctor

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We’ll have to take this with quite the grain of salt, but here’s a curious rumor that is making the rounds. Doctor Who has been struggling as of late even with Jodie Whittaker of fresh air. Still, we learned in September that Russell T. Davies would make his return as the series showrunner for the 60th anniversary. If the new rumor is to believe, he’ll be joined by another familiar face, as David Tennant may have been recast as a new version of the Doctor. You read that correctly, he isn’t returning as the Tenth Doctor but rather the next reincarnation of the Timelord.

If this does turn out to be true, Tennant would be the first actor to play two different versions of the Doctor. His original run was from 2005 until 2010 and worked alongside Davies, which adds some potential to the rumored return. The timing of such a curious move might be fitting with the 60th anniversary of the franchise. It’s uncertain just how the next regeneration might take place, which leaves the door open to potentially “choose” the next body.

Supposedly, Whittaker has already filmed her regeneration sequence. So, it’s more a question of time before we find out who is taking over for the 14th Doctor. Supposedly the rumor is hinting that this is just a temporary occasion before a 16th version takes over once the 60th anniversary ends. It seems also fitting with Tennant having played two versions of the Doctor in 2008’s “Journey’s End.” So, perhaps this might end up getting retroactively connected to the upcoming specials.

Source: Plymouth Herald, Den of Geek

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