Digital Platform and Physical Media Release Dates for ‘The Marvels’ Revealed

Though it was a fun, fast-paced adventure, The Marvels will ultimately be remembered as Marvel Studios biggest bust to date. Finishing its domestic run with roughly $205M, the film is by far the lowest grossing MCU project to date and continued a worrisome trend of landing neither with critics nor audiences. That said, there’s always the possibility that–like some of Disney’s other less-than-successful films of late–it finds an audience at home. And now that it’s out of theater, it’s been revealed when The Marvels will hit digital platforms and be available for purchase at retailers.

USA Today broke the news that The Marvels will be available for purchase on digital platforms such as Vudu, Amazon Prime and more on January 16th.

Blu-ray and 4K UHD copies will hit shelves on February 13th, just about 3 months after the film began it’s theatrical run. That’s a pretty standard timeline for Marvel’s films though some have landed on either side of that window.

Like many other recent MCU projects, The Marvels reportedly underwent a serious facelift in post-production and that may have led to the film’s choppy feel. Additionally, the ongoing strikes in Hollywood cut out a significant portion of the publicity tour that typically accompanies Marvel’s projects.

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