‘The Batman’ Sequel Will Be Released In Less Than Five Years

The highly anticipated The Batman arrives in theaters this week, and is already set to dominate the weekend box office. The film has generally been met with critical acclaim as well, which is great news to all of the fans who has eagerly awaited Robert Pattison’s turn as the caped crusader.

Even though The Batman has yet to officially release, a sequel to director Matt Reeves’ is apparently already in the early stages of development. Now, we finally have some information as to when a sequel can be expected. Producer Dylan Clark told Comicbook:

I will go on record and say it will be less than five years.

Dylan Clark

While five years is no short time to wait for The Batman 2, Clark gave a broad window that could mean anything up to a 2027 release. Only time will tell when exactly the sequel will hit theaters, but for now fans can look forward to The Batman‘s release on March 4.

Source: Comicbook via The Direct

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