Matt Reeves Confirms Sequel Plans for ‘The Batman’

the batman sequel

Before we even saw footage from The Batman, Warner Brothers showed great faith in the film, greenlighting the GCPD spin-off series and eventually a series revolving around Colin Farrel’s Penguin. After multiple delays in production and release date shifts, the film is set to hit theaters next week and while it has yet to be confirmed, it seems a sequel is already in the cards.

At a red carpet event for The Batman, Matt Reeves confirmed that he’s already begun talks with the studio about a sequel to the film. Reeves talked about how it was important for the film to be able to stand on its own and to not make a film that would need a sequel to feel complete. He shared his excitement to tell more stories in this world and highlighted Farrel’s upcoming Penguin series.

Reeves, previously talked about how he’d love to bring some of Batman’s rogues into the fold and was looking for the challenge in how he could ground them in this world. One villain in particular that he suggested was Mr. Freeze, a classic villain l, previously portrayed in live-action by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Batman is hitting theaters on March 4th, 2022 and will star Robert Pattinson alongside Zoe Kravitz, Jeffrey Wright, Paul Dano, Colin Farrel, and Andy Serkis.

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