Director Peyton Reed on How the Father/Daughter Dynamic Remains the Core of the Ant-Man Franchise

Though it could be argued that Scott Lang’s MCU history is largely comprised of “stealing some shit”, anyone who has seen the films knows how important his daughter, Cassie, has been to his journey as Ant-Man. Upon leaving prison, Lang tried to forge a strong relationship with Cassie, which seemed to be going well until Thanos’ snap trapped him in the Quantum Realm. Lang emerged from there to find he’d missed five years of Cassie’s life and that idea is central to the choices he makes in Quantumania, which puts their father-daughter relationship front and center once again.

The Scott/Cassie dynamic is the spine of these movies, right?,” said director Peyton Reed in an interview with Comic Book. Reed went on to explain that from a storytelling perspective, the five-year Blip provided Quantumania’s creative team with a “gift.” “He’s an Avenger to be sure, but his biggest goal in life is to be a good father to his daughter and the events of Endgame gave us this gift, which is this [five-year time jump]. He’s always trying to find time with his daughter and he’s lost five more years.

Cassie Lang, now played by Kathryn Newton, is no longer the little girl who wanted to be Ant-Man’s partner but rather a young adult who has her own ideas about what it means to be a hero. “Before he can blink an eye, he’s been relating to her as a little girl and now she’s a young woman,” explained Reed. “She’s 18 and now she has her own ideas about justice and about what being a hero looks like and she can be quite critical of her dad, and that’s seemed like a fun dynamic to fulfill.”

With talk of a fourth Ant-Man film and a Young Avengers project in development at Marvel Studios, it seems like Quantumania will serve as Cassie’s opening act as a hero. Now that she’s apparently a full-fledged member of the Ant-Family, it’ll be interesting to see the continued development of the dynamic with her father and follow their continuing adventures.

Source: Comic Book

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