Elizabeth Banks Wanted to Direct ‘Thor: Ragnarok’

Before Taika Waititi landed the director gig for ‘Thor: Ragnarok,’ Elizabeth Banks tried to land the gig.

Elizabeth Banks, who is currently promoting her newest film Cocaine Bear, recently revealed she tried to direct a Marvel Studios film in the past. In an interview with Variety, Banks admitted she had reached out to Marvel Studios to direct Thor: Ragnarok. The actress-turned-director said she decided to put herself out there for the job because it was an opportunity most women directors don’t get.

“I definitely wanted to make something muscular and masculine. I wanted to break down some of the mythology around what kinds of movies women are interested in making,” she explained. “For some bizarre reason, there are still executives in Hollywood who are like, ‘I don’t know if women can do technical stuff.’ There are literally people who are like, ‘Women don’t like math.’ It just persists.”

Unfortunately for Banks, Marvel Studios never called her back and the gig ultimately went to Taika Waititi, who would also go on to helm the fourth Thor installment. As it stands, Banks harbors no ill will toward Waititi, as she feels the right person landed the gig. “No one called me. Taika Waititi got the job. Rightfully so.”

Next up for Banks is Cocaine Bear, which she directed and calls a “ginormous risk.” That film will hit theaters on Feb. 24th.

Source: Variety.

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