EXCLUSIVE: Tyler Perry’s Next Film Revealed

Tyler Perry has compiled quite the filmography behind him: he is well-known for directing and starring in the Madea films but in looking at the rest of his work both as an actor and director one sees a lot of diversity. Perry appeared in supporting roles in a variety of dramas like Vice and Gone Girl, and he was cast as the lead in Alex Cross. He has, also, directed quite a few romantic-comedies: 2018’s Nobody’s Fool was his first R-rated comedy, the premise being a story about someone being catfished. When reviewing his extensive work, you can definitely see a director that is no stranger to infusing his projects with a variety of political and cultural aspects and influences.

Back in 2016, he discussed the possibility of exploring a Madea film that tackles the topic of police brutality:

“I have been able to use this character to bring messages to people who no one has been able to get a message to… She can talk about anything. She can make them laugh. And it’s so disarming — it’s like anesthesia… If I could find a way to talk about police brutality, and all of these people being shot by police officers, through this character — and I’ve been thinking about it — I think it would speak volumes to what so many people can’t say.”

Four years later, the topic of police brutality is still as relevant as it was in that interview. Perry has been extremely vocal about the events that have transpired across the US and he has openly spoken about the protests that have taken place in Atlanta in the aftermath of another innocent Black person gunned down by police. With that in mind, it looks like the Black Lives Matter movement will be a big inspiration for his upcoming project as a casting grid has revealed various details that may focus on a story that will discuss the Black Live Matter protests and, of course, police violence.

The film will take place in Atlanta where one of the leads is a pastor in the Sweet Auburn area of the city which is being rocked by violent protests following the questionable use of force by a white police officer on a gay, Black man celebrating his college graduation.

In contrast to the 2016 interview, Perry’s next project does not appear to feature Madea. We have five different leads, all with their own individual stories that will seemingly connect. The leads are connected to an overarching mystery, which could lend itself to every character having a dark secret.

The previously-mentioned pastor tries to secure the church from what is described as a “potentially violent protest.” Going by what is pictured, we most likely have a story of police brutality that gets national attention and causes a protest that puts various members of the family on opposite sides given their own history. The film will definitely feature a BLM protest which will may ultimately find the leads locking themselves in the church where they are confronted with each other to sort out the secrets they’ve been keeping for long. This is all just speculation, as we will see which direction Perry will take.

Production on the film is set to kick off early next month in Atlanta.


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