Disney+ Day to Feature a Special Look into the MCU’s Future

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It looks like the future is bright for Disney+, as they just revealed the line-up for disney+ Day. Initially, we assumed it might be a digital-only event showcasing what the future has in store alongside some new trailers, but it looks like we can expect a very different approach. They took to Twitter to unveil that the day will include a special lineup that will only be available on the streaming service and it includes a Marvel Special look. It’ll act as “a special celebrating the Marvel Cinematic Universe on Diseny+ with an exciting look towards the future.”

It’s an interesting approach, as it seems inspired by the Expanding the Future special that was released on the platform back when it had its initial launch. The strategy might also be a way to pull in people to check out this special look directly into the service, which might be a sneaky way to get some additional subscribers.

Of course, it won’t be the only special on the platform, as they are also teasing a special look for Star Wars. It might be our first look at the various series that are currently in development. We’ll hopefully also get a confirmation for Ms. Marvel‘s release date, as recent rumors are pointing to a February release.

Source: Twitter, Walt Disney

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