‘Black-ish’ Creator to Direct Warner Bros.’ ‘Wizard of Oz’ Remake

wizard of oz remake

It looks like Black-ish creator Kenya Barris is set to travel to Kansas and beyond, as he is set to direct a remake of Wizard of Oz for Warner bros. Discovery. He’s currently set to write and direct the new adaptation, which should not get mixed up with New Line’s attempt at reviving the classic storyline as well for the silver screen.

Nicole Kassell of Watchmen fame is set to take on that adaptation of Dorothy’s travel through Oz, but the version Barris is currently working on is kept in the dark and it’s unclear how far it may move from the original franchise. It’s always interesting when two production companies try to tackle the same franchise simultaneously, though it’s unclear if we have another Jungle Book situation where two very distinct versions release within a specific time window.

Barris is currently busy on his Netflix film You People, which he co-wrote with Jonah Hil. So, it’s quite exciting to see the trajectory of his career and what it might mean for the Wizard of Oz adaptation moving forward. It’s hard to deny that the 1939 musical was an important milestone for cinema. So, it’ll be interesting to see just how they attempt another adaptation as there’s also a duo movie adaptation of Wicked in development.

Source: Variety

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