Disney+ Original ‘Secret Invasion’ Heading to Hulu for Limited Time

secret invasion

Disney has been experimenting quite a bit on how they can grow the audience for their various shows. Just recently, it was announced that Ms. Marvel is heading to ABC and quite a few of their animated shows get limited releases on Disney’s various TV channels. Now, they are also trying it out with another Marvel series.

Hulu has unveiled that the first three episodes of Secret Invasion, which is going to release its season finale next week, will be available for a limited time on Disney’s sister streaming service. It’s an interesting way to promote the series and gain additional viewers ahead of the finale but it’ll continue to be available until August 17th.

The strategy isn’t bad, as it’s more about also expanding the bundle they are offering for those interested in multiple streaming services. While viewership for this series wasn’t among Marvel’s best, it doesn’t have any superheroes that tend to carry these kinds of projects. Though we generally don’t know what makes a Disney+ series successful in the eyes of Disney, as they release no data and we have to rely on third-party analysis. One of the important reasons writers and actors are fighting for better pay.

Source: Twitter

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