CinemaCon: First Footage Description of ‘Dune: Part 2’ Finds it’s Way Online

dune 2 footage

While most eyes have been on the future presentation of DC Studios and their current releases, which still were developed under the former leadership, they had quite a bit of other projects to show off during this year’s CinemaCon. They gave visitors a look at Barbie and its unique world and it seems the first footage of the long-awaited Dune sequel has been released for attendees. Us online at least got the description of the footage that was showcased during CinemaCon.

It seems the big focus of the footage was on Paul Atreides, played once again by Timothee Chalamet, learning to ride a giant sandworm. It makes sense given that this was the big tease at the end of the first entry and Paul’s entire storyline is wrapped around him finding his way among the locals of the planet Arrakis. They also seemingly got a first look at Florence Pugh and Austin Butler during the footage but not many details have been shared on what they might look like.

It’s definitely interesting that this is their selling point as Chalamet made the bold statement of it being “done practically” which has become a bit of a habit to imply certain elements are done that way with the rest added afterward. It’s also become a bit of a marketing habit to make the film stand out in the pool of effects-heavy film selection. Most of what we’ll see on the screen will be effects work as there is no real giant sandworm, but it makes for a good way to sell it to audiences.

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