First Look at Live-Action ‘One Piece’s Den Den Mushi

one piece live action

The first full trailer for One Piece has dropped, which offers us quite a better look at what we can expect from this live-action series. Surprisingly, it seems to still retain some of the goofier aspects of the franchise, which highlights just how much influence the series creator, Eiichiro Oda, has on this project. We also got a look at a News Coo, which is only one big part of this world’s unique flora and fauna.

Surprisingly, we did not see a Den Den Mushi, also known as a Transponder Snail (the inspiration behind our very own One Piece podcast). In this world, they do not communicate through phones but rather these snails that have the ability to connect and also end up looking like the person using it. We kind of expected they would keep it at a minimum, but a new image surfaced online from @OnePieceNxBr, which unveils that we are definitely getting the iconic Den Den Mushi. This one even being similar to Axe-Hand Morgan.

It’s this detail that highlights this project isn’t trying to go for realism, but is introducing us to a unique world. One Piece‘s world-building has been its biggest strength and the Netflix original is smartly diving into that as a way to make it work. Sticking to some of the iconic aspects also makes this series stand out, even if it likely is quite a bit more expensive for the necessary work relevant to keep this world going. Here’s hoping that once it releases in late August, it’ll draw in the viewership to keep it going for many more years.

Source: Twitter

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