First Look at Luffy’s Devil Fruit in Netflix’s Live-Action ‘One Piece’

one piece devil fruit

One Piece Day gave us the live-action One Piece’s first full trailer. While we still have some time to wait for the actual release, it was an overall big day for Eiichiro Oda’s baby. He’s been working on it for 26 years and has been very open about his involvement in the project. So, the One Piece Day event wasn’t just about Gear 5 and the anime but also gave us quite a few first looks for the series.

Not only did an image surface give us a first look at the franchise’s Den Den Mushi, but @newworldartur has also surprised us with another piece of their prop showcase. Now just anything, but the iconic Gum-Gum Fruit, or Gomu-Gomu no Mi for those that prefer the Japanese dub. It looks like a one-to-one adaptation of the original with a rather curious detail.

The detail of it being part of a Marine case stands out, as that is a revelation that wouldn’t become relevant until 20+ years later. Yes, they considered a detail that wouldn’t really pay off for many years to come, which highlights that those involved with the project are big fans of the original series. We’ll have to wait and see how it comes together, especially if they even hint at how the Red-Haired Pirates get their hands on it before Luffy ends up eating it.

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