D23: First ‘Indiana Jones 5’ Concept Art Offers First Look at Sequel

indiana jones 5 first look

D23 is finally here and it seems that quite a few exhibits have been set up for some of Disney’s cornerstone franchises. While some of the Marvel showcases are teasing the heroes we’ve already gotten to see throughout Phase 4, it seems Lucasfilm has gone out of its way to offer some insight into what Indiana Jones 5 will look like with an exclusive exhibit featuring our first concept art for the sequel.

It’s crazy to think how little we actually still know about the project. With a new director, logan’s James Mangold, at the helm and it acting as a potential swan song for Harrison Ford in the role, who knows if this is our last hurrah with the character. Not too long ago there was a joking mention by Ford that he scared off Chris Pratt from ever thinking of taking on the role. So, we’ll see if that stays true for other actors moving forward.

Source: Twitter

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