‘Doctor Strange 2’ Concept Art Offers a New Look at Clea’s Full Design

doctor strange 2 clea

It caught many by surprise when Charlize Theron arrived in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ first post-credit sequence. Not only was it exciting for the actress to join the franchise, but comic fans also finally got introduced to the fan-favorite character of Clea. While her future in the franchise still remains a big question mark, the potential of her having a bigger role moving forward is quite an exciting one.

Marvel Studios’ Senior Visual Development Illustrator, John Staub, has shared a new piece of concept art that offers a new look at Clea’s final design. There’s a lot of detail that went into adding comic elements into her cape and even pants, though it’s a shame we didn’t get to spend more time with her to get a better look at how the design fully comes together in live-action but it does seem promising for whenever she may return.

Theron already sold her character with just the short amount of time she had on screen, but it’ll be interesting to see when we might expect her to return. There’s no official confirmation of a third Doctor Strange film yet and with the multiverse falling apart, we may see her return sooner rather than later. With the hints at Incursions, we can expect a lot more multiversal shenanigans moving forward. Clea will also very likely become a cornerstone of how exactly that’ll come together.

Source: Instagram

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