‘Sonic the Hedgehog 3’ Writers Talk Amy Rose and Shadow the Hedgehog

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It looks like the screenwriters of Sonic the Hedgehog, Pat Casey and Josh Miller, offered an update on what they are currently working on for the third installment of the Sonic franchise. While they naturally couldn’t give any details away, they did offer an update in regards to their plans for Shadow the Hedgehog at KCC Comic-Con’s Q&A. Many have been highly anticipating their plans for the character since he was first teased in the Sonic the Hedgehog 2‘s post-credit sequence.

It looks like they don’t have anyone attached yet, or at least no names have been given in regards but Paramount is actively looking for someone. While it doesn’t seem like they’ll keep the original voice from the games like with Tails, they are going down a Knuckles route with a big-name Hollywood actor taking on the role. Keanu Reeves has been a popular choice online that fueled speculation. They also hinted that there are plans to incorporate his Sonic Adventure 2 and even the Shadow the Hedgehog spin-off elements.

They also played coy on the potential addition of Amy Rose, but something is “in the works,” which further hints that we may get the character’s live-action debut after all. She would make for a great addition and give us a new dynamic with Sonic we probably haven’t seen yet. Miller goes on to highlight that:

In each new Sonic movie, as long as the people got the appetite for them, we’ll keep adding yet another person from the game universe.

Josh Miller

That is not all, as they also hinted that the film is currently eyeing a 2024 release which would potentially would hint at when they start production. They have also hinted that they are aware of a lack of Crush 40 music and it seems they aren’t ruling out the idea of including them in the upcoming threequel.

Source: KCC Comic-Con via Tail’s Channel

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