‘MS. MARVEL’ Production Update

Now more than ever, production dates seem to be “best guesses” rather than chiseled in concrete but, as we’ve seen recently in the case of Uncharted, things can get back underway and “on time” in this new normal. While we wait for Marvel Studios to resume production on The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, WandaVision and Loki, we now have something new to look forward to as the studio has set a NEW start date (verified by Discussing Film) for Ms. Marvel. As of this week, Marvel Studios plans to roll cameras in Atlanta on the streaming series from November through March of 2021!

Celebrate 50 issues of Kamala Khan in June's “Ms. Marvel” #31 ...

This new, November start date replaces what was originally supposed to be an August start. Not only does it track with other information we’ve been hearing (such as the studio beginning to zero in on their Kamala Khan) but it also might give us some insight into some other aspects of production. If Marvel Studios is looking to get Ms. Marvel started in November, that might mean that, as of now, that’s when they expect to have studios space open once production on Loki wraps in Atlanta. Additionally, we might deduce that if production on Ms. Marvel is kicking off about 3 months later than originally expected that we could, potentially, see Hawkeye, originally scheduled for a September start, get in front of cameras before the end of 2020 as well!

Keep in mind there are still a lot of obstacles to clear before any productions get underway, but we can tentatively start piecing things together here under the assumption that things get running again soon. Before I go, I’ll leave you with this incomplete tidbit as to why Marvel Studios is keen on casting Kamala Khan sooner than later even though her series isn’t set to film until November: Ms. Marvel won’t be the first time we meet Kamala Khan. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll already know why.



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