‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Nabs a CinemaScore of A+

top gun maverick rating

It’s become somewhat of a tradition to take a look at how films are performing based on their CinemaScore. For those that may not know, it’s an analysis based on viewers that just watched a film that give the latest release a score from A+ to F. Ironically, the rating has been quite frontloaded with most films moving between A+ to B- and a C-rating has commonly been associated with a film not being as well received with general audiences. Top Gun: Maverick has now joined the A+ club, as revealed by CinemaScore.

As such the film has now beaten the 1986’s score of A and highlights the popularity surrounding this legacy sequel. It also joins Spider-Man: No Way Home with the A+ rating which is a showcase of a general audience pleaser and will likely bode very well for its box office going forward. The CinemaScore generally also helps to get a feeling for how the film’s legs might end up being and where it’ll end its box office run.

Maverick is already overperforming with a potential $142M Memorial Day weekend which beats out the $100M predictions earlier on. It’ll likely also have a good hold throughout the upcoming weeks as more competition starts entering the market like Jurassic World Dominion. So, it’ll be interesting to see where the film might end up moving forward.

Source: Twitter, CinemaScore

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