‘Doctor Strange 2’ Writer on How the Sequel Expands Upon MCU’s Magic

doctor strange 2 magic

Magic is about to expand in the MCU, as Doctor Strange finds himself lost within the vastness of the multiverse. The Marvel universe has been quite a bit different since 2016, as we’ve been introduced to many more powerful magic users, sci-fi concepts, and so much more. Naturally, the arrival of the upcoming release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness makes many wonders just how it might further explore the concept, and luckily writer Michael Waldron offered some insight during the film’s press conference.

The first movie was very much about Stephen Strange entering this world of magic, learning about it […] and beginning to master it. And then, we had Stephen in several other movies and the Avengers films, and then Spider-Man: No Way Home. This is our first time in a movie that is really his and this is our chance to focus on that magic and check in on what is it look like 5 years on.

Michael Waldron

He goes on to highlight that it’s definitely an expansion, which leads to quite a lot of laughter early on while trying to answer the question, and focuses on how every character involved is at a ta certain point that helps push it forward.

This guy who was the greatest surgeon, now he’s been a sorcerer for a while. He’s been through a lot, how good of a sorcerer is he? We’re seeing him kind of at the height of his powers and I think that’s really exciting. At the same time, you’re encountering Wong, who has become Sorcerer Supreme. He’s at the height of his powers. Then you have Wanda, who is actualized in a whole new way from the end of WandaVision and you could say she’s at the height of her powers.

Michael Waldron

The potential of exploring these characters at the height of their power certainly opens up a lot of potential in how the film has to tackle these powerful magic users going at it. In a way, the multiverse seems like the perfect way to not only catch them off-guard but also push them into exploring concepts way beyond their understanding even with their current standings.

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