Marvel Studios’ Future Animated Projects Will Connect

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Marvel Studios has been continuing to expand more and more. First, they expanded into long-form storytelling through Disney+, and with the release of What If…? they even joined the animation market. There have already been hints at them wanting to explore more projects through the medium. The only other project confirmed so far is the photo-realistic animated series exploring the adventures of Baby Groot in I Am Groot. There’s also the question if they would continue to build upon the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse or explore unique avenues through animation.

In an interview with Variety, Brad Winderbaum may have offered some insight into their approach. He confirmed that all projects will be under Marvel Studios and produced by Kevin Feige. As such, he proclaims they’ll “be born of the same stuff that makes the rest of our content.” He also goes on to tease the following, as Variety highlights these projects will be connected:

How will they be connected? Time will tell as the story of the multiverse unfolds.

So, it’s likely that any future ventures will play into the multiverse concept that got set up by Loki’s final episode. It’s the perfect way to revisit already established characters while still keeping them within canon in some way or another. Their animation’s “unique aesthetic” got developed together with independent animation studios. Flying Bark Prods, Squeeze Animation Studios, and Blue Spirit were involved in the process. They would be open to work alongside Pixar and Disney Animations to expand their repertoire. Still, no matter what animation style they follow, it’ll be interesting how these projects will interconnect as they explore new approaches with each one. Marvel Studios has a bright future ahead, and we can’t wait to see what animated projects might be heading our way in the future.

Source: Variety

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