Dave Bautista’s Exclusion from ‘WHAT IF…?’ May Be Due To Miscommunication

what if dave bautista

Marvel Studios’ first foray into animation with What If…? featured a wide cast of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Around 85% of the cast returned to reprise their iconic roles with some noticeable absentees. There has been some uncertainty why they weren’t invited or what would’ve led to actors like Brie Larson, Chris Evans, and more not reprise the roles they played for so many years. Dave Bautista then took to Twitter to announce that he wasn’t even approached to reprise the role, which added even more confusion. Well, it seems there might’ve been some miscommunication, as the new head of Marvel Studios’ animation department, Brad Winderbaum, just revealed that they’ve reached out to everyone in some form or another.

I saw that, too. It’s my understanding that everybody was asked in some way, shape or form, either through their agents or directly. I don’t know really what happened behind the scenes there, but certainly, we would have loved for him to be in the show. So there’s probably some miscommunication somewhere.

It’s unclear if it truly was just a miscommunication that led to his absence, but given how many names returned, it would’ve been odd not to invite him. He’s set to return as Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. So, it’s not like his time with the character has come to an end with the franchise. Bautista is known to be outspoken on Twitter. So, he might openly discuss if it truly was a case of miscommunication, which can happen in such a large industry. Still, if the character returns in a second season, it would be great if they’d let him join the project after all.

Source: Variety

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