‘Doom Patrol’ Finds Its Sisterhood of Dada

doom patrol sisterhood of dada

For a while news on this upcoming season of Doom Patrol was scarce, and many began to fear the worst when we didn’t get an initial green light for the third season on HBO Max. Fans were clamoring for some sort of confirmation when the second season found fans on one mighty cliffhanger. The team was at the mercy of the Candlemaker, a foe who’d been casually fighting to break free from Dorothy’s imagination. The third season is now well into production, it looks like they’ve found their villains for this upcoming season.

Deadline is reporting that actors Micah Joe Parker, Wynn Everett, Miles Mussenden, Anita Kalathara, Gina Hiraizumi have joined the cast of the upcoming third season in recurring roles as members of the Sisterhood of Dada. Parker will play Malcolm, Everett will play the role of The Fog, Miles Mussenden as Frenzy, Anita Kalathar as Sleepwalk, and Gina Hiraizumi as The Quiz.

Doom Patrol third season has no set release date but will be made available through HBO Max. The season will feature the returns of Jovian Wade, Brendan Fraser, Diane Guerrero, April Bowlby, Matt Bomer, Timothy Dalton, alongside newcomer Michelle Gomez as Madame Rogue. It is unknown if the Sisterhood of Dada will be the main antagonist throughout the season, or they might just give our unlikely heroes a temporary distraction. Alan Tudyk was a member of the comics’ Brotherhood of Dada, but there is no word if he might make a return.

Source: Deadline


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