Willem Dafoe is Open to Reprise Green Goblin Role in a Future Marvel Film

green goblin secret wars

We know Marvel Studios’ new “Endgame” for the Multiverse Saga. As many could’ve predicted the moment we saw the opening and final moments of Loki, the franchise is heading to a live-action adaptation of the iconic Secret Wars storyline in a new Avengers film. It opens up many possibilities to revisit some characters from the past and it seems one actor is down to return.

After once again reprising the role of Norman Osborne in Spider-Man: No Way Home, Willem Dafoe reveals that he’s certainly open to potentially playing the character one more time “if everything was right.” He highlights how much joy he has playing the character(s) and the depth it allows him to bring to the role.

I mean, that’s a great role. I liked the fact that it’s a double role both times. Twenty years ago, and fairly recently, both times [were] very different experiences, but I had a good time on both.

Willem Dafoe

It definitely would be great to see him return, especially with No Way Home’s focus on a recognizable version of the character. We haven’t had the chance to meet a unique take on the character in live-action as the Green Goblin. So, they could use the opportunity to introduce a good version of the character appearing in Avengers: Secret Wars joining an unlikely alliance.

There’s also the fact they could experiment with the look of the Goblin, as the previous iteration mostly re-used his Power Rangers-style suit from the original Spider-Man film. So, we could potentially ee the mechanical version that was scrapped make an appearance once again with Dafoe once again having fun in the role.

Source: Inverse

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