Empire Reveals New ‘WandaVision’ Covers

We still have about two months to go until WandaVision is finally released. Marvel Studios’ first Disney+ series will focus on the suburban life of Wanda and Vision. We still know very little about what would turn the small town of Westview into a gateway to an alternative dimension. Whatever may be the reason, it will be quite interesting to see Marvel Studios play around with classic sitcom clichés as both slowly unravel what is happening around them. Now that the series has a premiere date, it means that Marvel and Disney can start promoting the show more. Empire has an exclusive story coming for the show and shared it with two amazing looking covers.

I really have to say that the cover by Max Löffler looks amazing. It also may be quite a big tease for what we can expect in the story. Vision was killed by Thanos and was just an empty husk. Now, she is trying to piece him back together so he can be brought back to life. Her action has unleashed chaos upon the small suburban area, which could be the cause of some external forces playing with her abilities for personal gain. Our very own Edward Rose created a theory around the latest teaser, which you can check out right here. We are so close to finally seeing something MCU related, especially now that Black Widow was delayed by an entire year. This Disney+ show will start a brand new era for the franchise, so we will see just how crazy the show truly will go once the strange couple is stuck in a crazy alternative dimension.

Source: Twitter

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