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EXCLUSIVE: Netflix Developing Hamish Steele’s ‘DeadEndia’ as Animated Series

Streaming giant Netflix is developing DeadEndia, a series of graphic novels by Hamish Steele, as an animated series. The studio is currently casting for voice actors to portray leads, Barney and Norma, and is eyeing a June start of production.

Blink Industries is taking the lead on producing the series (as seen above in a screenshot from their website), but until now it was not know where the series would stream.

DeadEndia tells the story of two friends, Barney and Norma, who are employees at a haunted house at Dead End theme park which also appears to be a portal to Hell. The series has been lauded for its representation of diversity as Barney is a transgender male and Norma Khan is of Southeast Asian descent.

I’ve also heard that creator Hamish Steele is working with Netflix to develop the series but I was unable to get confirmation from him before publishing this piece.

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