EXCLUSIVE: New ‘STRANGER THINGS’ Characters Shed Some Light on Season 4 Mysteries

Over the past week I’ve been fortunate to come across plenty of interesting information about the Netflix streaming sensation, Stranger Things. In addition to learning that the series will continue in a 5th season, I also uncovered some details about the fresh batch of high schoolers set to meet the gang over the course of Season 4. Today, I have one last bit of info for the rabid fans and it includes some information that not only ties into the biggest mystery of Season 4 (what is going on with Hopper?) but also indicates that one of the cast may be in some trouble of their own…

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In addition to the large group of teens joining the Season 4 cast, I’ve learned of 4 additional recurring roles, described below:


One of two new Russian characters, Dimitri will be seen often in Season 4. The casting directors were searching for someone fluent in Russian and English, so we can probably expect to see Dimitri interact frequently with Hopper


A “seedy” Russian smuggler, Yuri’s erratic behavior is belied by his belief that he’s two-steps ahead of everyone else around him. Like Dimitri, the studio was adamant the actor be fluent in both Russian and English.

Lieutenant Colonel Sullivan

Intimidating and intelligent, Sullivan is military lifer a “no-nonsene” type who believes that he can brute force his way to victory in any given scenario.

Warden Hatch

Hatch, described as “smug” and “pretentious”, is the head of a psychiatric hospital.

While there’s not much to go on, it certainly seems that Dimitri and Yuri are going to play a key role in helping to reunite Hopper with Eleven and the gang. Whether that means smuggling Hopper out or smuggling the kids in remains to be seen, but these two Russians are going to make the most of their screen time.

As for Sullivan and Hatch, we’ll have to wait and see what new doomsday scenario requires a U.S. Military presence and which of the characters finds him/herself institutionalized; however, they do provide interesting food for thought as production on Season 4 kicks off!

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