Just as we get word that filming on The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is set to restart in Prague this Fall, we have gotten our hands on some videos of prior footage. Filmed last year by James Brown, the new videos give us another look at a familiar scene and the different angle provides a closer look at one of the female villains and a better view of Bucky’s hostage rescue that raises an interesting question.

The first video is more of a behind the scenes look at Sebastian Stan and his stunt double preparing for a scene and Stan gregariously shaking hands and hugging crew members on set. While it doesn’t give away too much, fans always love to see this kind of BTS action!

Another behind the scenes video which shows either Wyatt Russell or his stuntman preparing for action as John Walker, aka U.S. Agent, preparing to jump in and help out with what we believe is a hostage situation taking place around the 2023 G20 Summit (you can check that out more here).

This next video shows Stan working on some of those moves he was practicing as he takes on one of what we believe to be a hostage taker before heading towards the SWAT vehicle where the hostages are held.


The next video gives us a look at U.S. Agent fighting one of the female villains we first saw in our earlier post and suspected might be the Grapplers. Though it’s really hard to see, it’s possible that the female taking on U.S. Agent could be Erin Kellyman, who we believed joined the production, possibly as Thunderbolt member Melissa Gold, aka Songbird.

The final video is the most interesting. While we’ve seen another angle of this scene before, this look provides a clue that one of the hostages being released from the vehicle might be more important to the plot than the others. Around the 9 second mark, a hostage stumbles and falls. After she’s helped up, you can clearly see the crew lower a boom mike over her head so that her conversation with Bucky and Walker can be recorded. Given the situation at hand (hostages taken at the G20 Summit), it’s highly unlikely this is casual, “thanks guys type of comment and more likely that this unknown character is someone of significance in the series.

It’ll be incredibly interesting to see just what these set videos turn out to be when we finally get to see The Falcon and The Winter Soldier when the Marvel Studios production airs on Disney Plus!


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