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‘THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER’ Set To Complete Production This Fall

Yesterday finally mixed in some good news among the current round of doom and gloom as we learned that the Czech Republic was offering film crews an exemption to the current EU travel ban. This exemption provides an opportunity for Marvel Studios to complete filming on their Disney Plus streaming series, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and, according to a new trade report, the studio plans to do just that. The report indicates that the studio is currently preparing to head back to Prague, where production was taking place before the pandemic shut things down, for a 9 day shoot this Fall!

While the details of the shoot, including a targeted start date, haven’t been made available at this time we can revisit some old speculation (found here) about some locations Marvel Studios had staked out that could serve as either Zemo’s ancestral home or a base of operations for his schemes going forward.

Despite there being quite a bit we don’t know, we can certainly all agree that yesterday’s good news seems to have gotten a little better and we might be able to hold on to hope that we could see The Falcon and The Winter Soldier streaming in 2020.


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